Manufacture of capacitor,cbb61,cbb65,cbb60,cd60,cd13,cd110,AC Motor Capacitor,Capacitors For Washing Machine,fan capacitor,explosion-proof air-conditioner capacitor,compressor capacitor,lamp capacitor,pump capacitor,motor run capacitor,motor start capacitor,Aluminium Eletrolytic Capacitors,Radial Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors and so on.

Deal in all kinds of capacitors. such as CBB60,CBB61,CBB65,CD60 for ac motor.
And CD13,CD110,CD293 used on welding machine.
And we can supply the capacitors used on PCB mainboard.

กกกก Consist of Many professional manufacturers Located in Wenzhou,Taizhou,Anhui,Foshan of China Mainland

    CBB60-Motor Run Capacitors
    CBB61-Fan Capacitors
    CBB65-Air Conditioner      Capacitors
    CBB80-Lamp Capacitors
    CD293-snap-in Capacitors
    CD13 DC Aluminium     Electrolytic Capacitors
    CD60-Motor Start Capacitors
    Radial Aluminum Electrolytic       Capacitors

Provide all kinds of capacitors.Such as CBB60,CBB61,CBB65,CBB80,CD13,CD60,CD110,CD293 series capacitor .Capacitors are mainly used for household appliances,electrical tools,communications equipment,instrumentation and industrial automation equipment exchanges,DC and pules circuit and widely used in all kings of undustrial electronic equipment. ......

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